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Our Courses

Our classes are fun, dynamic and efficient. We teach English, German, Spanish for foreigners, French, Russian and Italian. Occasionally we also offer classes in other languages or even other subjects with temporary visiting teachers. All languages are offered for adults and kids.

Our offer changes monthly, as we adapt to demand. There are private and group courses, with different timetables for different levels.

You can start your classes at any time without having to wait for the beginning of a term or month. Here you can meet people from other countries or in a similar situation to yours, as attending a course also means accessing a multicultural meeting point.

The most important thing for us is that our students are motivated. That is why we use a communicative method. This means that we try to imitate an authentic situation in the classroom, as close to daily life as possible. In this situation, the student must try to understand and be understood orally. To do this, they learn the grammar and vocabulary necessary at all times. This is reinforced by reading and written exercises.

So, if you want to broaden your horizons or improve your job opportunities, keep your mind active and meet new people. Contact us and sign up for a language course with us. If your kids are having problems with their school subjects, we can also help. If you want your kids to be motivated and to regain their enthusiasm for learning new things or if they have been labelled as “gifted and talented”, “difficulty concentrating” or something similar, we are also specialised in this.

At our language academy we offer:

Group classes (3-6 people)

Personalised classes (1-2 people)

Intensive courses for companies

Study leave for students from Austria and Germany "Bildungsurlaub"

Package of Spanish classes, accommodation and sport activities.


Our German classes are mainly designed for people who have a job related to tourism. In Fuerteventura, practically all jobs are directly or indirectly related to tourism. Nevertheless, our German teachers are trained to teach German at any level or for any requirement. The timetable of our groups depends on the age and level of the student. For professionals in the hospitality industry, we have courses specifically geared towards useful vocabulary, practical conversation and a fast pace.

Our adults who have already taken German lessons in the past are required to take a placement test. This is an oral interview, not only to check your level, but also to clearly define your goals and to find the most suitable group in terms of the interests of your fellow students. A preparation course for an official exam to go to work in Germany is not the same as a German group for hotel receptionists.

If you are thinking of going to work in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, we can help you with job offers and subsidised courses. The European platform of the “eures” programme offers interesting options.

For young people, we offer German lessons and support classes, not only to help them pass their school subjects, but also to awaken a love for a language that can be difficult or boring at first. A motivated young person can change the world, so we prepare dynamic, fun and enjoyable exercises to show them the interesting side of German.

Kids learn by moving, so for the youngest learners we use creativity, fun and motor skills to teach the basics of German. The materials include Montessori methodologies, songs, games, crafts and dances.

Our method of teaching German is very successful. Throughout our experience, we are able to highlight the good results among students with high abilities, Asperger’s syndrome, difficulties to concentrate, dyslexia and with students who got demotivated by the study system of previous schools.

Spanish and "Bildungsurlaub"

Spanish Courses

Corralejo is a relatively small town, so we adapt our offer to the monthly demand. We offer our courses throughout the year, organised by levels. For the levels we follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and for this purpose we carry out level tests. We think it is important for our students to be in groups with other students of the same level and, if possible, with the same interests and learning goals.

We teach in a family atmosphere and our groups are small. We try to fulfil the wishes of our students, for example, personalised lessons with explanations in German, homogeneous groups of senior citizens or fun lessons with excursions.

Founder Alina and Head of Studies Elena are qualified teachers passionate about their work. They are constantly striving to improve the running of the academy and keep educating themselves to keep improving.

Study leave “Bildungsurlaub”

For some countries like Germany and Austria we offer “Bildungsurlaub”, also called “Bildungkarenz”. This is a recognised entitlement for employees and self-employed persons to further training and extra holidays for this training. Our centre is certified so that employees from Germany and Austria can take this special leave and attend a language course with us.

What exactly is “Bildungsurlaub”? Since 1976 Germany has had a Study and Training Leave Act in place, which is intended to enable further vocational and political training. The legal regulations can vary from one federal state to another. Bavaria and Saxony, for example, have no legislation in this respect. In North Rhine-Westphalia there are travel restrictions that exclude the Canary Islands as a destination. In the other federal states, the principle is that everyone has the right to further training. An important aspect is that the training is officially recognised.

Bildungsurlaub in Corralejo
Sprachen lernen mit Bildungsurlaub in Corralejo
Sprachen lernen mit Bildungsurlaub in Corralejo

Even if a person does not need Spanish directly for his or her job, he or she has the right to continue acquiring skills so that his or her qualifications are improved and his or her value on the labour market is increased by his or her language skills. We believe that the best place to learn a foreign language is where it is spoken. Therefore, a language course in another country is a good reason for the employer to grant permission. In addition, self-employed persons and trainees can also apply for this kind of leave. Various grants are available for this purpose.

The duration of the training varies from one federal state to another. As a rule, five to 10 working days are granted, during which the participants undergo intensive daily training. The costs of the leave are shared between the employer and the employee. The latter continues to receive his or her salary, but the costs of the course, as well as accommodation and travel, are borned by him or her. The case of self-employed persons is different, as they can charge the costs for tax purposes and apply for financial support from the state.

At KUNZ Academy, training for professionals is more than just a language course. The programme includes daily immersion in the language and culture of the Canary Islands through interaction with the local population, exploration of the island and personal experiences.

The island’s scenery, delicious cuisine, rich culture and the open-mindedness of the islanders make learning an authentic and effective experience. The study leave can be combined with surfing and kitesurfing, as well as beach volleyball courses and adventure activities such as diving, snorkelling or hiking.

Booking a stay with one of our partners gives you access to various accommodation and catering offers at very interesting prices


We believe that English language skills are essential in today’s world, not only for those who work in a hotel and the catering industry, but also for all professionals – English is the predominant language for interaction between different cultures worldwide. Our English courses are designed so that you can practicaly apply what you learn in your daily life and profession. We offer English courses for all levels and ages.

Our method of teaching English is communicative, the exercises are dynamic and entertaining with immediate progress results. We focus on motivating the student and giving them the tools to be able to study on their own. Our education system in Spain foresees English as the main foreign language from an early age. Despite this, we receive many students who have finished high school and are not able to communicate fluently. We have the perfect course for you to improve.

It’s OK if you have studied English before and still are not able to understand and speak it – that is normal when you have practised writing and reading, but neglected speaking and listening. We will give you practical English that you can apply at work. We will give you the keys to correct pronunciation through audio and video, authentic materials and interesting readings. The interaction in class will make you advance in a new and stimulating way. If the students are high school students with poor grades, apart from helping them to pass, we also empower them to believe in themselves again and try to awaken their curiosity for the language. We teach kids with games, songs and crafts. Kids learn by moving and expressing their creativity freely. Through fun, we get them to concentrate and help them to learn on their own and to connect with their natural passion for learning.

Kids and Young people:
Courses and Support Classes

For young learners, we offer language and remedial classes. The languages they can learn are German, English, French and Spanish. Other languages can also be taught on request. The support classes are for any high school subject they have difficulty with. We specialise in language and literature for French, English and German.

Our remedial classes are designed not only to help them pass the subject in school, but also to awaken a love for a subject that may seem difficult or boring at first glance. A motivated young person can change the world, so we prepare dynamic, fun and enjoyable exercises to show them the exciting and creative side of learning.

For kids, we also offer language classes and support classes from the age of 3. Kids learn by moving, so we use creativity, fun and motor skills to teach the basics of German, English, French or Spanish. The support classes for kids are for any subject from primary to secondary school. The materials are adapted according to methodologies such as Montessori and are based on songs, games, handicrafts and arts and crafts.

In general, our teaching method gives good results. Throughout our experience, we can highlight the good results we have had with students with high abilities, with Asperger’s syndrome, with difficulties in concentrating, with dyslexia and with students who were demotivated by the study system of previous schools.

Virtual Classes

Our face-to-face classes can also be booked online, whether for group lessons, pair lessons or private lessons.

What makes us different from a tutorial or other options that can be found on the internet, is that – despite the physical distance – our teachers try to create a communication situation as real as possible. Through dynamic exercises, the student is not a mere spectator who receives information or tasks, but is constantly stimulated and involved in the class.

The results of our online classes were great during the lockdown of the 2020 crisis. Since then, our teachers are constantly looking for the latest digital materials and continue their training in order to create dynamic virtual classes.

Other Languages

Fuerteventura is called “the island of the wind” and those who live here know that many people just pass through the island. This is also the case with our teachers, so we had to become very flexible in order to make the most out of this phenomenon. In addition to our regular language courses, we also offer pilates, yoga, Polish, Arabic, computer courses, painting courses and whatever our temporary teachers have to offer. Find out what you can learn at our centre. Our offer varies and changes constantly!

One of our mottos was put to the test and it worked for us during the 2020 global crisis: When everything goes wrong, keep smiling! It was a challenge to be confronted with so many changes.

If you want to know what you can learn right now in our centre, please contact us on +34610013424. We will be happy to inform you.

Ask for info!

Contact us, we will give you info in English, Spanish or other languages.

Calle Poril, 24 · 35660 Corralejo · Fuerteventura

+34 610 013 424

What our students say about us

Eine sehr gute Erfahrung Ich habe ohne Vorkenntnisse die Sprachschule von Alina Kunz für 2 Wochen besucht. Ich wurde von unserer Lehrerin Elisa und von Alina Kunz gut abgeholt. Mit dem Ergebnis, dass ich nächstes Jahr weiter mache. Das spricht für sich und benötigt keine weiteren Erklärungen. Gracias
Marlies G
Marlies G
November 18, 2022.
Tolle Sprachschule in Corralejo Ich kann die Sprachschule nur empfehlen. Meine zwei Wochen Bildungsurlaub Spanisch waren abwechslungsreich, lehrreich, interessant und kurzweilig. Elisa und Alina sind tolle Lehrerinnen.
November 16, 2022.
Top individuelle Lernerfahrung auf hohem Niveau Ich habe hier zwei Einzelstunden in Spanisch genommen als Vorbereitung auf meine eigene Lehrtätigkeit. Die zwei sehr netten Sprachlehrerinnen sind genau auf meine Wünsche eingegangen: Konversation über und Reflexion der eigenen Lehrerinnen Rolle, didaktische Hinweise, Wiederholung anspruchsvoller Grammatikthemen (mit Blick auf Kommunikation im Unterricht). So hatte ich die Möglichkeit meine bereits guten Sprachkenntnisse im Bereich ELE zu erweitern. Vielen Dank euch!
October 27, 2022.
Súper escuela Scuola professionale e allo stesso tempo divertente.Insegnanti di alto livello e con grande esperienza.Continuerò i miei studi con loro.
August 20, 2022.
Gran escuela, profe encantadora Alina es una profe encantadora! Su paciencia, su educación, su amabilidad y su dedicación al trabajo son las cosas que me enamoraron de esta Academia de idiomas! La Academia es un ambiente acogedor, parece estar entre amigos ya a partir del primer día, todos son muy educados y tienen buen rollo! El seguimiento del aprendizaje es de alta calidad, la profesora nos sigue paso a paso, y cada vez que tengamos dudas nos ayuda volviendo a explicarnos (el alemán es bastante duro!).No existen tareas estresantes, exámenes cada mes o cosas así que puedan perjudicar la seguridad o la confianza propia del alumno, para que siga aprendiendo a su ritmo hasta conseguir su objetivo.En definitiva, la mejor academia de Fuerteventura, extremamente recomendable!
Vanessa R
Vanessa R
August 19, 2022.
La frequento da 2 mesi e continuerò per tutta la mia permanenza Molto professionali, argomenti interessanti con possibilità di diversi livelli di apprendimento, consigliatissimo 👍
Roberto F
Roberto F
February 5, 2022.
Just amazing! Best Spanish course I could. We had an amazing week of Spanish lessons with Elisa. What a teacher. We had so much fun with her and learned much more than expected. Highly recommended! I will be back next year!
December 22, 2021.
Excelente enseñanza Aprendí Alemán en la academia con una excelente profesora, ahora ya estoy en Alemania y he podido poner en práctica todo lo que un día me enseñaron. Recomiendo totalmente este centro.
Brenda O
Brenda O
September 28, 2021.
Learning Spanish Recomiendo encarecidamente esta escuela, estan muy bien organizados y bien capacitados. Tambien ofrecen diferentes horarios para adaptarse a sus necesidades
Eduardo M
Eduardo M
September 27, 2021.
Totalmente recomendable Soy española y recibo clases on-line desde Alemania. Elena siempre tiene el material apropiado para que el aprendizaje sea lo más fácil y rápido. Muy útil viviendo aquí, su profesionalidad y sus consejos. Elena es una excelente profesora de Alemán.
September 27, 2021.

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